Countryside Kennel is a safe and dog friendly facility designed with your pets' needs in mind.  The comfortable and secure runs are spacious and clean and every dog has 24 hour access to his own outdoor space.  They even have a view.  Lois Chandler is the kennel owner and a life long dog owner.  She has operated Countryside Kennel since 1990 and has a background which includes breeding and raising puppies, obedience training for young dogs and grooming dogs.  

First time boarders at Countryside Kennel are encouraged to visit the facility and to "pack for camp" when they bring their dogs.  Your dog is provided with high quality food, fresh water and appropriate bedding for his stay.  Favorite toys or a blanket (no beds please) from home are welcome at the kennel to help your dog enjoy his stay.  The climate controlled building assures the comfort of your pet on the hottest summer days as well as the coldest winter nights.  

Dogs are by far the best judges of any boarding facility and it's staff. County regulations require yearly kennel inspections and Countryside Kennel meets or exceeds these requirements.  A happy, energetic dog that runs back into the kennel to say goodbye to "Aunt Lois" before getting in the car to go home is a REAL testament for the facility and the care they provide.  Countryside Kennel truly is....... "".

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