What shots and papers are required for my dog to stay at Countryside Kennel?

You will be asked to provide proof that your pets are current on their rabies and DHLPP vaccinations. We are required to have this paperwork on site while your pet is with us.  This proof will only be required once a year if your dog is a frequent visitor.

What if my dog needs medical attention?

We will contact the veterinarian that you provide first.  If we are unable to reach that vet, we will contact our vet of choice.

How much time does my dog get to spend outside each day?

Our runs provide your pet with the ability to be both inside and outside, at their pleasure. Knowing that they can go outside, when they choose to, greatly reduces the stress of boarding for your pet.

My dog is big.  What size are the runs at Countryside Kennel?

Each indoor run is 4ft.x6ft., and is connected to an outside run that is 6ft.x10ft.,  by way of a dog door. Each pet has it's own space, with 24 hr. access to their outside run.

My dog is a picky eater, can I bring my own dog food?

Food is included in the low price but owners are more than welcome to provide food for their pet(s). We ask that the food you bring from home be in a resealable container clearly marked with your pets' name. Plastic grocery bags tied at the top or zip-loc style bags are NOT considered a resealable container. We make every effort to keep your pet on the schedule that he/she is used to at home.

My dog needs medication.  How is this handled during his stay at Countryside Kennel?

You will be asked to bring both the meds. and a schedule of when they are administered. Daily medication is not a problem and we will stick to the schedule that the owner provides. We do not have a veterinarian on staff at the kennel, if your pet has serious medical issues that require one-on-one medical attention, it would be wise to check with your vet about boarding.

How far ahead of my trip do I need to book a kennel space for my dog?

It is a good idea to make your reservations as soon as your plans are finalized, especially if you plan to board during any holiday. Christmas and the 4th of July holidays are the busiest times at the kennel, so make those plans early. There is no charge for cancellations but we do, of course, ask that you call to cancel your reservation if the space is not needed. A cancellation is not a problem as long as we are aware of it.

What does it cost to board my dog ?

Our kennel offers one low price for ANY size dog.  The daily boarding fee is $15.00 per day, with food included in that price. You will not be charged extra for "playtime" or any other time spent with your dog, it is included in the daily fee. There are no hidden charges at Countryside Kennel.

What kind of food will my dog be served while he stays at the kennel?

We provide Diamond* brand dog food, in 3 varieties, plus we keep plenty of canned foods on hand. We have found that the availability of a 24 hr. outside run, which provides your pet with a place to go potty when they need to, greatly reduces the stress that goes with boarding your pet. 

I have two dogs that live together.  Can I book them in one run?

We have many clients that board their pets together, in one run. We encourage owners to keep their pets together, if at all possible. If they get along in close quarters at home and there are no food aggression issues,  there shouldn't be any problems here at the kennel. 

What is your policy on the privacy of my personal information?

We have a privacy policy that basically states we do not and will not share your personal information.  The full privacy policy can be viewed by clicking here.

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