Dear Lois,

On the rare occasions when we go somewhere and don't take our dog with us, the only one place I trust to leave our boy is Countryside Kennel.  With a shepherd/husky cross,  and both dogs weighing about 70 lbs,  we save enough by boarding with you to stay on vacation longer.  Who wouldn't love that?  

Your kennel isn't just the most affordable place around to board though.   The boy are always glad to come and stay and they run into the building as soon as you open the door.  They really seem to enjoy staying with their Aunt Lois.  Thank you for taking such great care of our guy when we are gone.  We never worry about them because we know you have it covered.  We get to just relax and enjoy our time away.

It is great to bring home freshly bathed dogs that smell good too.  Thanks again for all you do, and if you ever have someone ask to talk to a customer who boards at your place, feel free to give them our phone number or email.  We would be glad to talk to them.

See you next time,

Scot Jensen (Baxter's dad)

I have known Lois for 3 years not only as a personal friend but a fellow small business owner.  Her facilities are impeccable and most importantly she treats all of her boarders as if they were her own.  Lois is awesome and I always leave my hyperactive dog Weenis with her when I am going to be out of town.  Lois operates the best kennel in the area and is the best groomer I have ever dealt with.

Kevin Panter

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